Board Membership

Name Position
Glenys Johnston Chair
Bronwen Whittaker FNHC
Chris Beechey Police/DA Sub Group Chair
Chris Dunne Adult’s Social Services
Christine Blackwood Public Health
David Rose CVS Representative (JET)
Fiona Vacher Child Voluntary Sector representative
Jacky Moon NSPCC
Jo Poynter Community & Social Services, HSS/PPP
Joao Camera Honorary Police
John Hodge CVS representative (Shelter Trust)
Judy Foglia FNHC/Training Sub Group Chair
Julian Radcliffe Education
Mark Capern Youth Service
Mike Cutland Probation
Nick Watkins States of Jersey Prison Service
Peter Green Designated Doctor, HSS
Robert Sainsbury Hospital, HSS
Rose Naylor HSS
Sarah Brace Law Officers Department
Sophie Le Sueur Social Security
Stewart Gull Head of Crime Services SoJP
Susan Devlin Community & Social Services
Susan Walters Designated Nurse, HSS

Associate Board Members:

Name Position
Andrew Heaven Community and Constitutional Affairs
Gary Le Neveu Jersey Customs & Immigration Service
Richard Jouault Strategic Housing Unit, CCA
Sarah Whiteman Medical Director
Susan Turnbull Child Death Overview Panel Chair