Board Membership

Name Position
Glenys Johnston Chair
Chris Dunne Adult’s Social Services
Christine Blackwood Public Health
Cliff Chipperfield Chair of Early Help SG
Dave Roworth Secondary school head teacher rep
Dominique Caunce Andium Homes
Filippo Rizzuto Lay member
Fiona Vacher Child Voluntary Sector representative
Francine Salem Children’s Services
Jacki Moon NSPCC
Jocelyn Butterworth CVS representative (JET)
Julie Gafoor FNHC
Kate Sugden Primary school head teacher rep.
Kate Wilson Primary Care Body
Louise Newbury Named Doctor
Mark Capern Youth Service
Mark Cockerham Jersey Customs & Immigration Service
Mike Cutland Probation
Nick Huchinson Chair Domestic Abuse Sub-Group
Nick Watkins States of Jersey Prison Service
Peter Gavey Chair Training Sub Group
Rose Naylor HSS
Sarah Brace Law Officers Department
Seàn O’Regan Education
Sophie Le Marquand Social Security
Stewart Gull Head of Crime Services SoJP
Susan Devlin Community & Social Services
Trevor Pointon Honorary Police ***

Associate Board Members:

Name Position
Susan Turnbull Chair of Child Death Overview Panel
 Helen O’Shea  HSS