Information for GPs

The Safeguarding Partnership Board (SPB) recognises that Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. In Jersey, GP practices provide an essential link in contributing to the safety of both children and adults.


The SPB has produced Multi-Agency Procedures for working to safeguard children and adults.   These procedures are available online, follow these links for Children’s Procedures and Adult Procedures.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The Safeguarding Partnership Board has produced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which explains how it seeks to work with partner agencies. An increasing number of GP practices are signatories of the MOU.

In order to assess your Practice from a safeguarding perspective, you can access a GP specific audit template.

Follow this link to download the first voluntary audit of MoU signatories results.


There is one GP representative currently on the Safeguarding Partnership Board:

Kate Wilson, who can be contacted on [email protected]

Individual practices have Safeguarding Leads, as follows:

Surgery Lead GP’s name Telephone/ email
7 David Place Dr Simon Thompson 736666
Co-operative Healthcare
(41 David Place, New Era and St Peters)
Dr Brian Ellis 723318
Windsor Crescent Dr Nigel Stevens 732341
Castle Quay Dr Penny Le Bas 833833
Health + Dr Bryony Perchard 733322
Island medical Centre Jacquie Coates 516151
Route du Fort Surgery Dr Amberina Zaman 731421
Cleveland Clinic Dr Jilesh Chohan 722381
Lido Medical Practice Dr James Keir 723892
Clifden House Surgery Dr Helen Thomas 726705
Como Villa Surgery Dr Geoffrey Hamilton 870151
Indigo House Dr Dean Balbes 730541
Lister Surgery Dr Barbara Robertson 736336