Information for Professionals (Adults at Risk)

The Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board (SAPB) aims to support the learning and development of professionals.

The Multi-agency Safeguarding Adult procedures are web enabled and are available by following the link. These procedures provide the guidance needed for anyone working to safeguard Adults at Risk and include information on :

  • the Legal Framework
  • local Safeguarding roles, responsibilities and policies
  • the Safeguarding Adult Process
  • capacity
  • duty of care
  • thresholds

and much more!

Serious Case Reviews

A Serious Case Review (SCR) should be considered when:

  1. There is reasonable cause for concern about how the SAPB, members of it or other persons with relevant functions worked together to safeguard the adult;
  2. Condition 1 or 2 is met:

Condition 1 — (a) the adult has died, and (b) the SAPB knows or suspects that the death resulted from abuse or neglect (whether or not it knew about or suspected the abuse or neglect before the adult died).

Condition 2 — (a) the adult is still alive, and (b) the SAPB knows or suspects that the adult has experienced serious abuse or neglect.

More information on SCRs can be gained from the Serious Case Review page of the online procedures.


If you are suspicious or have any concerns for the welfare of an adult, you can help by contacting the right people to share your concerns. Please compete a Raising a Safeguarding Concern (Adults) Form Word (185KB), PDF (189KB) or contact the Single Point of Referral (SPOR) for adult social services.