Making Safeguarding Personal

What is Making Safeguarding Personal?

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) is the philosophy that now underpins multi-agency adult safeguarding in Jersey.

For individuals with care and support needs, MSP enhances involvement and inclusion in the response to abuse or neglect, promoting the individual’s quality of life, well-being & safety, as well as their desired outcomes as a result of the safeguarding intervention.

For professionals, this means embracing creative solutions and recovery, building on strengths, working on solutions together and making best use of partnership arrangements to achieve the individual’s desired outcomes.

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Making Safeguarding Personal embodies the 6 principles of safeguarding:

Empowerment: People being supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and informed consent. ‘I am asked what I want as the outcomes from the safeguarding process and these directly inform what happens.’
Prevention: It is better to take action before harm occurs. ‘I receive clear and simple information about what abuse is, how to recognise the signs and what I can do to seek help.
Proportionality: The least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented. ‘I am sure that the professionals will work in my interest, as I see them and they will only get involved as much as needed.’
Protection: Support and representation for those in greatest need. ‘I get help and support to report abuse and neglect. I get help so that I am able to take part in the safeguarding process to the extent to which I want.’
Partnership: Local solutions through services working with their communities. Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse. ‘I know that staff treat any personal and sensitive information in confidence, only sharing what is helpful and necessary. I am confident that professionals will work together and with me to get the best result for me.’
Accountability: Accountability and transparency in delivering safeguarding. ‘I understand the role of everyone involved in my life and so do they.’

Why Make Safeguarding Personal?

Making Safeguarding Personal is about living a life that is free from harm and abuse, which is a fundamental right for all Jersey citizens. Every individual citizen is unique and can expect a tailored and personalised response from services to reduce their experiences of risk and harm.

This is our commitment. Professionals will work with in partnership with our citizens to identify bespoke solutions to their unique situation. This will always be in accordance with the individual’s choices.

For individuals, this will build confidence and trust in safeguarding interventions.

MSP Training

Our policy and procedures  – as well as our training materials are a guide to good MSP practice – however, staff are actively encouraged to carry out their own additional research and reading on topics relevant to their role, interests, professional development and case specific queries that may arise.

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) enables safeguarding to be done with, not to, people. MSP encompasses a range of skills which applies a person-centred approach to a risk context. We have a range of training materials to support professionals in applying MSP to practice. These include:

Please note you will require a Research in Practice account to access these materials. Please use your work email address to register. If you experience any problems please contact

We will also be holding seminars on these topics throughout the year. Please keep an eye on the website for dates and times.

Making Safeguarding Personal approaches (see graphic below) are fundamentally linked to the primary principle of adult safeguarding – empowerment. To empower people we need to hold unconditional positive regard, build trusting relationships and truly listen to the person’s unique life experiences.

Additional Resources to Support MSP

MSP Toolkit

MSP is now best practice in the UK and has been embedded in the majority of UK jurisdictions. The UK Local Government Association (LGA) has a toolkit for MSP which reflects strengths-based practice in adult safeguarding, tools and case studies to support professional learning and development. Click here for the MSP Toolkit.

The LGA also provides resources which describe what ‘good’ might look like in MSP for a range of organisations in the UK, which can support practice in Jersey:

Case Studies

Case studies examples which demonstrate MSP practice can be found here.

Myths and Realities

This briefing addresses misconceptions about MSP and promotes relationship and strength-based approaches in practice. Click here to view Myths and Realities.


Click here to listen to a series of Podcasts which examines lived experience and practitioner experience to explore means to make safeguarding personal for everyone.

For questions about Making Safeguarding Personal, please email:

What next? 

Safeguarding is everybody’s business. If you are concerned about an adult at risk, please contact the Single Point of Referral for Adult Social Services on:

Tel: 01534  444440
Fax: 01534  444888
Post: Single Point of Referral Team, Third Floor, Eagle House, Don Rd, St Helier, JE2 4QD

To raise a safeguarding concern, please use the new concerns form here.

If you think that a crime may have been committed, or in an emergency, please contact the States of Jersey Police on: Emergency Tel: 999
Non Emergency Incidents/Allegations Tel: 01534 612612 / 01534 612300
If a safeguarding issue is suspected call the above and ask for the Public Protection Unit (PPU)

For professionals, we have updated our multi-agency adult safeguarding policy and procedures to reflect the ethos of Making Safeguarding Personal.  We encourage all professionals to read the new policy and procedures here: