Multi-Agency Child Neglect Strategy Launched – January 2022

The Safeguarding Partnership Board (SPB) has today (Friday 21st January) launched Jersey’s first Multi-Agency Child Neglect Strategy.

The Strategy has been launched against the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic when additional stressors on families, reduced social contacts and pressures on household budgets has added to the risk of children being neglected.

Neglect is one of the most common forms of abuse. It can take a wide range of forms, tends to be cumulative and can have a significant impact on the physical, emotional, educational and social wellbeing of children and young people. It is the most common reason for child protection plans in Jersey and the strategy will guide the Island’s professionals in seeing, monitoring, and assessing child neglect in Jersey. This will better support the sharing of information across agencies to establish greater insight into the lives and needs of Jersey’s children.

The strategy highlights that although there are pockets of excellent practice in Jersey, previous inspections and reviews have highlighted that more needs to be done to make sure the Island’s children are seen, listened to and helped at an early enough stage to prevent them being neglected. It emphasises the multi-agency responsibility to identify the early signs of neglect so that support can be provided to improve the life chances of all children.

A practical toolkit is being distributed to all relevant frontline staff to help them quickly make professional judgements about whether parenting is neglectful. This is done by looking at the child’s various needs (physical, safety, emotional, developmental) and then assessing the quality of each one’s fulfilment and how to best target resource where there is concern. Frontline staff, working with children and young people, will be offered specialist Jersey’s Children First ( training to help them to follow the strategy.

Click Here for a Seven Minute Briefing on Child Neglect.

Islanders will also be reminded that they can play their part too by being our eyes and ears if they notice early signs that a family is not coping, such as if a child looks frequently sad, has poor hygiene, is maybe hungry or is inappropriately dressed for the weather. Anyone with concerns should contact the Children and Families Hub who will ensure that this child is seen, heard and helped. The Children and Families Hub responds to any safeguarding concerns you may have for a child or young person and can be contacted on 519000 or email

It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep children safe from neglect