Sub Groups

There are a range of sub-groups which perform the work of the Board.

The Serious Case Review Sub-Group, Core Business Group, Domestic Abuse Sub Group and the Training Sub- Group are joint groups for Adult and Children’s issues. Other sub-groups focus specifically on Adults’ or Children’s issues respectively.

Sub-groups meet once within each Board cycle. New ‘working’, or ‘task and finish’ groups may be periodically established to take forward particular areas of work for a time limited period.

For further information on the work of each sub group, please see the relevant section below.


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Adults at Risk Sub Groups

Policy, Procedures & Performance Sub Group

The role of the Adults Policy, Procedures & Performance Sub-group is to agree and deliver an annual work programme that delivers the Board’s Business Plan by:

  • Producing and circulating adult safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • Promoting policies and procedures across organisations and departments.
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are promoted through the Training sub-group
  • Establishing a performance framework, gathering and analysing performance data, identifying and evidencing outcomes to assess the effectiveness of safeguarding work with adults.
  • Producing and overseeing the implementation of an annual audit programme of inter-agency work and the Boards’ performance
  • Supporting agencies and organisations to achieve agreed safeguarding standards as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Supporting agencies to provide appropriate information and data to meet the requirements of the SPB Performance Framework

Terms of Reference – Adults Policy, Procedures & Performance Sub Group

Children Sub Groups

Performance Procedures and Audit Sub-group

The role of PPA sub-group is to agree and deliver an annual work programme that delivers the Board’s Business Plan by:

  • producing and circulating inter-agency safeguarding policies and procedures;
  • promoting policies and procedures across organisations and departments;
  • ensuring policies and procedures are promoted through the Training Sub-Group
  • establishing a performance framework, gathering and analysing performance data and identifying and evidencing outcomes to assess the effectiveness of safeguarding work with children.

Terms of Reference – Child Performance, Procedures & Audit Sub Group

Child Sexual Abuse and Missing Children Sub-Group

The role of the CSE subgroup is to agree and deliver an annual work programme that delivers the Board’s Business Plan by:

  • Implementing relevant recommendations from the Home Affairs Select Committee: Child Sexual Exploitation and the response to localised grooming report June 2013
  • Ensuring that members have access to current policies and procedures that are consistent with nationally agreed best practice
  • Periodically auditing inter agency practice, focusing on compliance with the multi-agency procedures, the quality of service and the views of service users
  • Actively seeking feedback from children who are in receipt of CSE screening and subsequent interventions, to allow their opinions to be taken into account
  • Developing, reviewing & monitoring relevant Safeguarding Policy & Procedure

Terns of Reference – Child Sexual Exploitation & Missing Children Sub Group

Joint Sub Groups

Core Business Group (CBG)

The Core Business Group is the sub-group of the Safeguarding Partnership Board (SPB) with the responsibility for coordinating and supporting the implementation of the Board’s business plan, monitoring the business agenda for the Board and ensuring the effective communication of safeguarding messages to all audiences.

N.B. the SPB remains the decision-making body.

The role of the Core Business Group is to:

  • Agree and monitor the SPB annual Business Plan
  • Set the agendas for Board meetings
  • Horizon-scan for issues which require Board attention
  • Provide strategy advice for the Chair and Board
  • Agree the SPB communications strategy
  • Support the Independent Chair in the preparation of the Annual Report

Terms of Reference – Core Business Sub Group

Training Sub-Group (TSG)

The TSG has the responsibility for monitoring of the effectiveness of multi-agency safeguarding training throughout Jersey.

The role of the TSG sub group is to:

  • establishing and review a SPB island–wide multi-agency training strategy
  • identifying multi-agency training needs and promoting a coordinated approach to training
  • establishing and supporting a training pool of experienced and knowledgeable trainers to disseminate approved SPB training
  • evaluating the quality and impact of training;
  • providing one-off training events, conferences and seminars

Terms of Reference – Training Sub Group

Domestic Abuse

The role of the Domestic Abuse Sub Group is to:

  • Providing a forum to focus upon abuse and violence in the domestic relationship.
  • Developing a Domestic Abuse Strategy for Jersey
  • Monitoring the actions of agencies\services to reduce the incidence and impact of Domestic Abuse.
  • Working to help all those affected by Domestic Abuse.
  • Ensuring that we draw upon the experience of those who have been subject to Domestic Abuse.
  • Increasing public awareness of Domestic Abuse related issues and broadening the reach of the Group.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the strategy and services provided and learning from experience.
  • Keeping up to date with developments outside the Island

Terms of Service – Domestic Abuse Sub Group

Serious Case Review

The Serious Case Review (SCR) sub-group has the responsibility for undertaking SCRs in respect of children and adults and for advising individuals and organisations on lessons to be learned; the SCR SG also has the responsibility of monitoring the implementation of SCR recommendations.

The role of the Joint SCR sub-group is to:

  • Consider cases referred for review on the basis of concerns as to the way Board partners or others have worked together to safeguard an individual, adult or child.
  • Make recommendations to the Independent Chair to whether cases meet the specific criteria for children or adults SCRs
  • Approve Independent Chair and Overview Authors
  • Receive and recommend SCR Overview reports before presentation to the Board for approval
  • Monitor the implementation of SCR recommendations
  • Ensure the effective dissemination of learning

Terms of Service – Serious Case Review Sub Group