Training Levels

The SPB is responsible for multi-agency training for employees and/or volunteers from any agency or organisation from level 2 to level 4. Please note: Level 1 Foundation Training is the responsibility of each organisation and is delivered within individual agencies.

Courses within the SPB Training Programme are presented at different levels as outlined in the table below:

Level 1

Foundation (Single-agency provided by own agency)

For anyone who works with children or adults at risk either in a professional or voluntary capacity.

Level 2

For individuals whose role requires additional safeguarding knowledge and skills

Training at this level is suitable for staff working in multi-agency partnerships where assessment, decision making and planning interventions are part of their role and responsibilities. It is also suitable for staff responsible for making and receiving safeguarding enquiries.

Level 3

For Designated Leads and/or individuals whose role requires specialist safeguarding knowledge and skills

Training at this level focuses on specific issues within adult/child safeguarding. Training at this level is suitable for staff who work with children and/or adults at risk who want to extend their knowledge and skills in specialist areas.

Level 4

For individuals who have a strategic responsibility  for safeguarding

Senior staff, SPB members and Ministers with line management responsibility and/or strategic responsibility for safeguarding within their organisation.