About Us

Why we exist, our structure and values

The Safeguarding Partnership Board (SPB) was formed in January 2013 and has responsibility for:

  • promoting understanding of safeguarding
  • helping agencies to work together to safeguard children and adults at risk
  • monitoring how effectively agencies are working together to keep adults and children safe in Jersey

The Board

The Board is made up of an Independent (off-island) Chair and approximately 30 members representing key agencies which have responsibility for safeguarding children and adults in Jersey.

The Independent Chair oversees the Board and is supported by a Business Support Team which consists of:

1 Board Manager

1 Executive Assistant

1 Policy Officer

• 2 Training Officers

1 Training Administrator

1 Project Officer (contract)

Our Values

ValueTo show this we will:It’s not helpful when:
  • Think about the needs of others
  • Value the true worth of other people
  • Really listen to understand
  • Go the extra mile
  • I act before I understand
  • We ignore the needs of others
  • We don’t try our best
  • We dismiss the values of others
  • Always be honest
  • Do what we say
  • Build positive relationships
  • We are unreliable
  • We are not fair
  • We break our promises
  • Believe that every person matters
  • Acknowledge diversity
  • Ensure every voice is heard
  • We leave people out
  • We do not embrace differences
  • We do not make effective, timely changes
  • Work in partnership with others
  • Work towards shared goals
  • Hold ourselves to account
  • We work by ourselves
  • We do our own thing
  • We do not take responsibility
  • Learn from experience and take action
  • Challenge what we do
  • Always want to do better
  • We think we know best
  • We make the same mistakes
  • We do not get better/learn/develop