Serious Case Reviews

Serious Case Reviews (SCR) are an important function of the SPB as a learning organisation. Their purpose is to identify learning and good practice.

Serious case reviews

Professionals and organisations involved in protecting and safeguarding children and adults need to reflect on the quality of their services and learn from their own practice and that of others. Good practice can be shared and, when things go wrong, there needs to be a clear analysis of what happened and why, so that important lessons can be learned and services improved.

Since 2020, the SPB has introduced a Rapid Review process to enable more immediate actions to be taken, where appropriate. All referrals are made using the SCR template; however, each case will be considered for a Rapid Review in the first instance.

The purpose of a Rapid Review is to:

  • Gather facts
  • Discuss any immediate safeguarding issues
  • Examine the potential for identifying improvements
  • Identify the next steps

Publishing of Serious Case Reviews

The Safeguarding Partnership Board publishes Serious Case Reviews unless their publication would result in the possible identification of the subject of the review or family members. In these cases, learning summaries are often published instead.

Serious Case Review Documents

Document Title
Last Updated
December 2022 1670942720
December 2022 1670942720
September 2015 1442482366
December 2022 1442482366
February 2023 1675696382
February 2023 1675696382
January 2023 1672565696
February 2023 1672565696
October 2018 1539768989
February 2023 1539768989
September 2015 1442482659
December 2022 1442482659

Serious Case Review Reports

Document Title
Last Updated
September 2018 1537178386
February 2023 1537178386
April 2018 1523957935
February 2023 1523957935
January 2020 1579253994
February 2023 1579253994
August 2019 1566035657
February 2023 1566035657