Preparing for the Children and Young People Law: Where to find guidance and access training

The Children and Young People (Jersey) Law 2022 will come into effect in March 2024. This is pending approval by the States Assembly on Tuesday 19 March – the law will come into force during the week commencing Monday 25 March.

The Law makes it a statutory requirement to ensure that everybody who works with children and young people works towards an overriding objective, to promote and support the wellbeing and safeguard the welfare of children and young people.

You can read more about the commencement act here.

To help professionals that work with children and young people prepare for the Law, a range of support is now available.

New Statutory Guidance

Launched earlier this month, this guidance provides a resource for all those who work with or provide services to children and young people.

The guidance can be read here or downloaded here.

Online Training

The ‘Statutory Guidance Training, Children and Young People (Jersey) Law 2022 Introduction’ is essential learning and can be accessed on Connect for Government of Jersey colleagues. Virtual College is available for those outside of the Government of Jersey network.

Other e-learning modules that focus on Working Together, Information Sharing and Corporate Parenting are available and it is important that relevant training is completed before the Law comes into effect. The Jersey’s Children First training has also been updated.

More detail on how to access the training can be found here.

You can find more information about the Children and Young People (Jersey) Law 2022 on