Strategy on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE) launched

We have launched a new strategy to identify and prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation, and to help its victims. The strategy calls for all agencies to work together with the young person and their family in a coherent and consistent way to tackle CSAE. It has been developed with all the relevant agencies working together to ensure the best outcomes for the people affected.

The pan-island Independent Chair for the Safeguarding Partnerships, Sarah Elliott, said “We’ve listened to what children and young people have said to us about what they need to help them speak up and get help with the serious issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Our new strategy builds on previous developments such as Dewberry House Sexual Assault Referral Centre and the introduction of Independent Sexual Violence Advisors to ensure we make Jersey the safest place possible to grow up and thrive – free from the devastating impact of child sexual abuse and exploitation.”

The strategy aims to ensure that all agencies can respond to CSAE at the earliest opportunity, offer child-friendly justice, provide appropriate and timely recovery services, and evaluate practice and the effectiveness of interventions by measuring outcomes.  It aims to reduce the long-term impact of CSAE on children, young people and families living in Jersey.  The fundamental vision is for all children and young people in Jersey to be free from abuse and exploitation.