1 – Notification of Child Death Form

2 – Child Death Review Reporting Form

2020 Adult Safeguarding Training Framework

2020 Children’s Safeguarding Training Framework

3 – Child Death Review Analysis Form

7 Minute Briefing Action Plan

Action on Elder Abuse website

Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse

Adult Safeguarding Strategy 2019-2022

Adult Safeguarding Strategy 2019-2022 Easy Read

Adult Safeguarding: Making Enquiries Outcome Focused

Adults Thresholds Guidance

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Advice on Sex Abuse

Allegations or Concern about a Person Working with Children (JDO)

Ask Listen Respect

Asthma and Anaphylaxis Supplementary Reporting Form

Building Emotional Resilience in Staff Teams

Capacity and Self-Determination (Jersey) Law 2016

Capacity Policy

Cardiac: Congenital or Acquired Supplementary Reporting Form

Care Act 2014 (UK)

Care Pathway Supplementary Reporting Form

CBBC Online Safety Pages

CEOP Guide to Staying Safe Online

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)

Child K Learning report

Child Neglect

Child Neglect Screening Tool

Child Neglect Screening Tool

Child Protection In Sport Unit

Child Protection Medical Assessment Pathway

Child Protection Medicals

Child Protection Report Template

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Pathway

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Strategy 2022-2024

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Strategy 2022-2024 Easy Read

ChildLine Website

Children and Families Hub Request for Support form

Chromosomal, Genetic or Congenital Anomaly Supplementary Reporting Form

Coercive Control

Communication Strategy

Community Adult Support Panel (CASP) Consent Form

Community Adult Support Panel (CASP) Referral Form

Continuum of Needs

Continuum of Needs

Contributory Factors – FAQ

Contributory Factors Guidance

Controlling and Coercive Behaviour

Coping with self-harm guide for parents and carers

Dark Web

DBS Checks

Death as a Result of Fire / Burns or Electrocution Supplementary Reporting Form

Death as a Result of Injuries Sustained from a Falling Object Supplementary Reporting Form

Death of a Child with a Life-Limiting Condition Supplementary Reporting Form

Death of a Child with an Oncology Condition Supplementary Reporting Form

Deaths on a Neonatal Unit, Delivery Suite or Labour Ward Supplementary Reporting Form

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Supplementary Reporting Form

Discriminatory Abuse, Hate Crime and Mate Crime

Diversity Guidance

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Guidance for Professionals

Domestic Abuse Guidance/Pathway for Professionals

Domestic Abuse Strategy 2022-2024

Domestic Abuse Strategy 2022-2024 Easy Read

Domestic Abuse Toolkit for Businesses – Spot the Red Flags

Domestic Homicide Review

Drowning Supplementary Reporting Form

DSL: Professional Differences and Managing Allegations

DSL: Your Role as Safeguarding Lead

Effective Recording: An Essential Part of Safeguarding

Elder Abuse

Engaging Resistant Challenging and Complex Families

Epilepsy Supplementary Reporting Form

Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII)

Falls Supplementary Reporting Form

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Financial and Material Abuse

Fraser Guidelines (a practical guide to applying the guidelines to sexual health services)

Gaming and Gambling

Government of Jersey Whistleblowing Policy

GP’s Memorandum of Understanding template

Graded Care Profile 2

Handout: Child sexual abuse in institutional contexts

Child sexual abuse in institutional contexts may be perpetrated by a single individual on a single victim, although those who commit abuse in an institutional setting frequently have multiple victims and several people may commit abuse within the same institution.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Help with Bullying


Honour Based Violence

How to Write a Seven Minute Briefing

Human Rights Jersey Law 2000

Infection Supplementary Reporting Form

Information Sharing

Information Sharing Guidance – Vulnerable Adults

Information Sharing Protocol

Instructions for setting up a RIP account

Jersey Children and Young Peoples Plan 2019-2023 Plan on a Page

Jersey Safeguarding Review for adults

Learning and Development Framework

Learning Disability Safeguarding Review

Legal Literacy

Local procedures for responding to deaths of children

Low Level Concerns About Adult Behaviour Towards Children

Making Safeguarding Personal

Making Safeguarding Personal Easy Read Leaflet

Managing Allegations (Adult Workforce)

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding

Mental Health Jersey Law 1969

Mind Jersey

Missing Children from Care Framework

Modern Slavery

Mr Hunter Overview Serious Case Review Report

Mr Lincoln Executive Summary

Mrs Ingle Learning Report

Multi Agency Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Risk Screening Tool

Multi Agency Guidance for Child Sexual Exploitation

Multi Agency Pre-Birth Protocol for Unborn Babies

Multi Agency Safeguarding Supervision Principles Statement

Multi-Agency Child Neglect Strategy

Multi-Agency Guidance for Professional Escalation

Multi-agency Managing Allegations (Adults) Referral Form

Multi-Agency Managing Allegations Framework for Adults

Multi-Agency Managing Allegations Framework for Children

No Secrets – Policy Guidance

NSPCC Serious Case Review Repository

Online Radicalisation

Papyrus – prevention of young suicide

Poisoning Supplementary Reporting Form

Pre-Birth Protocol

Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Framework

Professional Curiosity

Professional Responsibilities at Child Protection Conferences

Raising a Safeguarding Concern (Adults) Form

Raising a Safeguarding Concern (Adults) Form

Raising Concerns, Complaints Procedure

Repeal of Article 79 (smacking)

Report Review of Safeguarding Adults in Jersey

Reporting an Adult Safeguarding Concern

Resolving Professional Differences

Resolving Professional Differences/Escalation Policy

Review of Multi Agency Sexual Exploitation (MASE) Form

Ross Serious Case Review – Learning Briefing

Safeguarding Leaflet for Adults

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2013

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2014

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2015

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2016

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2017

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2018

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2019

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2020

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2021

Safeguarding Partnership Board Annual Report 2022

Safeguarding Partnership Board Safeguarding Charter

Safeguarding Roles and Responsibilities for Schools and educational establishments

Safeguarding Standards Audit 2016

Safer Organisation Toolkit

Safer Sleeping Assessment Tool

Samaritans Jersey

SCR’s and Rapid Reviews

Self-Neglect Policy

Serious Care Review Referral template

Serious Case Review Leaflet Families & Carers

Serious Case Review Leaflet for Parents & Carers

Serious Case Review Procedures

Serious Case Review Referral Form

SPB Guide To Writing a 7 Minute Briefing

Spiritual Abuse

States of Jersey Police Public Protection Unit (PPU)

Sudden Unexpected Deaths Supplementary Reporting Form

Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy (SUDI)

Suicide or Self-Harm (Including Alcohol or Substance Abuse) Supplementary Reporting Form

Suicide Thematic Review – Learning Brief


Susan Serious Case Review – Learning Summary

The Silverline – Helpline for Older People

Training Strategy

Review Due: January …

Trauma or External Factors Supplementary Reporting Form

UK DOH guidance: Female Genital Mutilation Risk and Management

UK Government multi agency guidance: Handling cases of Forced Marriage

Understanding Child in Need

Understanding Child Neglect

Vehicle Collisions Supplementary Reporting Form

Violent or Maltreatment Related Deaths Supplementary Reporting Form

What Helps Children Tell? Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure

What is a 7 Minute Briefing?

When Children Tell: Responding to Child Disclosures

Why Language Matters

Winston’s Wish – support for grieving children and young people

Working Effectively With Men In Families

Working Together

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018

You Couldn’t Avoid It